Rules of Confessions

Official Rules of Confession:

01. No bashing, derogatory or insulting confessions. We reserve the right to deny any submission that does any of the aforementioned.

02. No calling the original confessor(s) derogatory names. We’re not saying you can’t disagree, but please do so respectfully, even when re-blogging to your own journal.

03. No spoilers, please!

04. Do not claim images as your own! Do not alter in any way or use on sites other than Tumblr without our permission.

05. Please make sure you’re not submitting a confession that was recently posted. We realize that confessions will be repeated and we will redo confessions if enough time has passed (a month or so) since the last post with that same (or very similar) confession.

06. Be patient. We get a lot of submissions each day. It takes time to search for images that go with the confession, and then create the graphics, while maintaining our lives outside of fandom at the same time. It may take a day or two before your confession is posted. If you do think we’ve accidentally overlooked your confession (it does happen!), let me know in our ask box and please include your confession.

07. We’re only human and we do make mistakes. If you notice any grammatical, punctual or any other type of error, please let me know so that we can rectify it.

08. Please limit confessions to approx. 150 characters. Confessions that are too long are difficult to create a graphic out of and the final product does not look “clean.”

09. Please submit only the TEXT of your confession (and, if you’d like, a picture request). We will put together the picture graphic. We do this for two reasons:
(1) We’re kind of perfectionists-slash-control freaks. If you notice, all of the picture confessions are exactly the same size and have exactly the same font… We do this on purpose to create uniformity and consistency… We did mention we’re perfectionists, right?
(2) When someone submits a picture to our submit/ask box, Tumblr won’t always let us see it. We get that gray box and when we click on said gray box, it takes FOREVER to “get big” so we can actually see the picture.

10. Have fun and don’t be shy!